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Class Notes:

The class notes on the Physiology of Aging are restricted to students taking the Gerodontology course.  To access the notes, enter the lecture room number in the box below and then  press the "Enter" key:

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Student Comments & Questions

The following are comments on questions submitted by students.  Click on the appropriate line to see the question and answer:


Hooyman, N and Kiyak, HA: Social Gerontology, 4th ed. 1996.  Chapter 5, "The social consequences of biological aging", is required reading.  Chapter 6, "Sensory changes and their social consequences", is   optional but advised.

Timiras PS (editor):  Physiological Basis of Aging and Geriatrics, 2nd ed.  1994.  A good general reference.

Schneider, EL and Rowe, JW (editors):  Handbook of the Biology of Aging, 3rd ed. Schneider, EL and Rowe, JW (editors). 1990.  A comprehensive handbook.

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When you have questions or comments, please e-mail them to me.   I'll answer your questions by e-mail and if I think the questions would be useful for the whole class to see, I'll post them on this web site.  If I post your questions and comments, I won't use your name unless you give me explicit permission.

To send e-mail:

If your browser supports e-mail,  click on aging@acbrown.com.  When the e-mail form appears, type in your questions/comments and click File/Send Message.

If you use a separate e-mail program, send your questions to my e-mail address:  aging@acbrown.com.

If you have questions on using the Internet for this course, you can ask me directly or you can submit your questions by email to aging@acbrown.com.   If you have comments on features that would make this web site more useful, you can email them to the same address.  In fact, any feedback would be appreciated.  If you have nice comments on this web site, please send copies to Dr. Chiodo, the course director, at chiodoga@ohsu.edu. If you have nasty comments, send them to nobody@nowhere.com!

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