Text References


The assigned textbook for this course is the following:

Silverthorn, D.U.: Human Physiology, 3rd edition. 2004.

It includes an accompanying cd-rom, "Interactive Physiology", which is useful as an elementary introduction. The chapters and sections of Silverthorn covering the topics in this course are listed in the linked table (==>):

Some students may prefer the standard medical physiology texts, such as the following, which have more in depth clinical material:

Ganong WF: Review of Medical Physiology (a succinct but complete paperback and good for review)

Berne RM & Levy MN: Physiology (a comprehensive text)

Guyton AC & Hall JE: Textbook of Medical Physiology (note: Guyton has several shorter physiology texts; the one listed is the most comprehensive)

For those students who would like to use books specifically on renal physiology, the following are recommended:

Vander, Arthur J. Renal Physiology, 5th edition, 1994. A clear and reasonably concise text on renal physiology. Widely used by medical students. Contains practice questions with answers.

Rose, Burton D. and Rennke, Helmut G. Renal Pathophysiology -- the Essentials. 1994. A good book on clinical aspects of renal physiology. Organized around disorders of kidney function.