Text References


The assigned textbooks for this course is "Vander's Human Physiology" and "Tymoczko, Biochemistry: A Short Course".

The other recommended comprehensive textbooks -- Ganong: Review of Medical Physiology and Berne & Levy: Physiology -- are both satisfactory for this course. Guyton & Hall: Medical Physiology, is also satisfactory. For those students who would like to use texts specifically on respiratory physiology, the following are recommended:

West, J.B. Pulmonary Physiology and Pathophysiology. 2001. A "modern" integrated, problem based text.

West, J.B. Respiratory Physiology. 5th edition, 1995. A classic text, covering the normal physiology of the respiratory system. Includes study questions.

Hlastala, M.P., and Berger, A.J. Physiology of Respiration. 1996. A slightly more recent text than West, "Respiratory Physiology". Also includes study questions.

West, J.B. Pulmonary Pathophysiology. 5th edition. 1998. Companion book to West's Respiratory Physiology. Emphasizes clinical applications.