TOOTH CIRCULATION:  Control -- Functional Anatomy


1. Usual arrangement of artery, arteriole, capillaries, venule, vein

2. Circulation confined to the pulp (dentine, enamel, and cementum have no blood vessels)

Total flow rate/gram tissue is in  the upper range as that in "typical" tissue, but the total flow is small because the pulp is small

3. Structures "typical", except that arteries and veins must narrow in order to pass through small apical foramina in teeth

Arteries ascend through middle of root;  in the crown, send branches to the odontoblastic layer near the dentine; then blood passes through the microvascular bed (arterioles, capillaries, venules); then blood is collected in veins, which exit through the apical foramina

4. Motor nerve fibers: sympathetic

5. Lymphatics: existence is controversial; probably functional but of limited capacity

Evidence:  histology (difficult);  washout of particles too large to pass through the capillary endothelium

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